about us

Our company has developed a product that we believe can work well for your business.

In the spirit of continual improvement, we are excited to introduce some enhancements.

CMP supplies exclusively quality products for the Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Cement, Steel Mills, Pulp And Paper, Automobile, Textile, Tyre, Food and Beverages, Pharmacy, Machine Maker, Shipyard, Power Plant, Water Work High Rise Building Industries and etc.
With a huge variety of products and brands we serve both large and small customers.

CMP distinguishes themselves by a personal approach and knowledge of products. Through continuous innovation we are able to think along with our customers and we always offer a solution. The strength is that we dare to think outside the box. This often results in custom-made solutions.

We try to give you a good advice in this tangle of brands and products. Reliability,durability, quality, efficient, service-oriented and innovative are keywords that relate to the brands.


Our Office

PT. Capital Mega Provis

Gading Serpong Sek.7A Blok DB3-16

Tangerang 15811 Indonesia

Tel. +62 21 71113828

Fax. +62 21 54200380

Email: sales@capitalmegaprovis.com